Visitor Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens at a Worship Service?

Worship is an encounter with the living God!  There is respect, adoration, confession, forgiveness, thanksgiving, praise and sharing.  We do plan it in advance so it's not just random!


What should I wear?

At Palos Heights CRC, our focus is on worshiping Jesus, not on what you wear. You may see some people in suits and dresses and others in jeans and shorts, but we want everyone to dress comfortably and come as you are.


What is your worship like?

Our congregation worships in a variety of styles and sings traditional psalms and hymns as well as contemporary spiritual songs. Our worship team- including vocalists, piano, guitar, bass and drums leads us in congregational singing every week, but we also are accompanied by our organ as well. You may see people with the hands up or down, eyes open or closed; but worship at Palos Heights CRC is all about honoring and giving praise to our Lord and Heavenly Father. So please feel free to worship in the way that you feel led!

 However, worship is more than just singing. Worship involves all that we do together as the body of believers before our Lord. At Palos Heights CRC, you will also see us worshipping God through reading the Bible; listening to the preaching of God's Word; sharing in an offering of our gifts and tithes; and spending time in fellowship after the service.


Do I need to Sing?

Singing is part of the way we worship God. However, not everyone feels comfortable singing in public, we get that. So if you're not ready to sing day one, no worries!


Do you expect me to give to the offering?

No. We expect our guests to give to our offering only if they feel led to do so. Visitors should not feel any expectations to contribute to the ministries and mission of our church. Nor will they be thought of any differently if they choose to not participate in the offering. We believe that God has called all believers to give a portion of their time and money to Him, as all that we have belongs to our Eternal Father. However, how much or what a person gives is between that person and God.


Where do a I go?

If you're attending a worship service, just follow the crowd. Before the service, you'll see a good number of people entering. If you're not sure where to head next, just ask.  Someone will be happy to point you in the right direction.


What programs do you offer for children during worship service?


For the youngest children, those ages 2 and under, we offer nursery care during the morning service. Simply go to the nursery in the south end of the church before each service, and the attendants will help you register your child.

We also offer Walk Out Worship during the morning service for children ages 3-preschool; they are typically dismissed about halfway through the service by the Pastor.  They meet for a time of prayer in front of the sanctuary and then head to classroom 4. Which is located on the South end of the building. 

 However, if you feel more comfortable keeping your child with you during the service, that's just fine. And if your baby cries, or your kid is fidgety, it's not a problem. It's what kids do, and every parent here has that happen too.


I'd like to talk more about what I heard during this service. Who can I talk to?

We'd love to talk to you! After the service, feel free to approach one of the pastors or elders; typically they are greeting on the way out of church or remain in the front of church for those who would like to talk. During the week, if you would like to schedule a time to talk with a pastor, please call the office at 708-448-0186 or email to schedule a meeting.

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