Mission Partners


    Just before parting from his disciples after his death and resurrection, Jesus commissioned them to go and make more disciples throughout the world, teaching what he had taught them. In obedience to that command, our congregation seeks not only to prepare its own members for the privilege and responsibility of being followers of Jesus, but to extend that good news of his kingdom to regions and lands beyond our own community, in places where often that good news has been obscured or is in short supply.

    To do this, we partner with a number of people who have dedicated themselves to extend that gospel to other places, some nearby, but most to peoples in other lands. Following are those who carry on the good news for us.


    Tesoros de Dios (God's Treasure)

    Managua, Nicaragua

    Tesoros de Dios, translated as "God's Treasures," is a ministry in Managua, Nicaragua, that serves over 130 children with a variety of developmental disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Hydrocephaly, Autism, Brain Damage, and others.  Through programs offered and family support, the center provides tools to help the children reach their fullest potential physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.

    Website: http://www.tesorosdedios.org

    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/tesorosdediosni

    Roseland Christian Ministries

    Chicago, IL

    Palos Heights CRC has been in support of the work at the Ministries Center since the 1970s. 

    Roseland Christian Ministries is dedicated to serving the Roseland community through service, work, worship and fellowship via their food pantry, Women's shelter, thrift center and Roseland Christian Reformed Church.  They strive to carry out the mission that God has given them to display His love to the community they are called to serve.

    Rev. Jeong and Misook Gho

    Resonate Global Mission| Japan

    Jeong and Misook, though U.S. citizens, are natives of Korea. Christian Reformed World Missions (Now called Resonate Global Missions)  called the Ghos in 1995 to do mission work in Japan. After some struggle in overcoming their Korean hostility to an enemy nation, the Ghos did accept the challenge of presenting the good news to the Japanese, a people who have been very resistant to the Gospel (only about 1% of Japanese consider themselves Christian). But Jeong, who works with the Reformed Churches in Japan, is hopeful that this will begin to change with his switch from church planting to more of leadership training, especially as the new Timothy Leadership Training procedures are being introduced for the pastors of the churches there. The Ghos, who have partnered with our congregation since 2004, have three children.

    Website: https://crwm.org/about-us/our-missionaries/jeong-and-misook-gho

    Caspar and Leanne Geisterfer

    Resonate Global Mission | Honduras

    They have served the Lord in Latin America for more than 25 years with Leanne recently retiring in 2020.  Caspar served in an organizational development role and later served three years with Habitat for Humanity. During this time, God called Caspar to further study. In 2001, Caspar enrolled in Calvin Theological Seminary, finishing his studies in 2008. 

    Caspar provides leadership training for church leaders, ministry to at-risk youth, and teaches 25 seminary students annually.

    They have one son, Reuben who was born in the Dominican Republic, raised in Haiti, and currently living in Canada.

    Website: https://www.resonateglobalmission.org/support/our-missionaries/caspar-and-leanne-geisterfer

    Stephan and Alicia Lutz

    World Renew | Kenya, East Africa

    Stephan and Alicia have been our partners in mission since about 2002, shortly after joining Christian Reformed World Relief Committee (now World Renew). They have two boys, Noah and Oliver and Alicia is presently teaching in high school. In serving with World Renew as their Program Consultant in Kenay, Stephan is enabled to fulfill his serious concern about our Christian and human responsibility to be faithful stewards over the earth and its resources. The Church in East Africa and Kenyan society in general has neglected that responsibility, but there are hopeful signs that suggest the Church there is beginning to grapple with these challenges.

    Website: http://dojustice.crcna.org/author/stephan-lutz

    Rehoboth Christian School

    Rehoboth, New Mexico

    Rehoboth Christian School is located just outside Gallup New Mexico and serves children from the Navajo and Zuni tribes providing a Pre-school through High School Christ-centered education.

    Website: http://www.rcsnm.org/

    Mark and Heather

    Sub-Saharan Africa

    For security purposes, the exact location Mark and Heather are serving, along with their last names, will not appear online. Please see a member of the Palos CRC missions team (Brad  & Abbie Schrotenboer, Dan & Marjorie Boerman , Tony & Sheryl Helmus , Rick  & Susan Van Dyken) to learn more.

    Mark and Heather are serving in Sub-Saharan Africa among a distinct ethnic group that has never heard the gospel of Christ or had the Word of God translated in their native tongue. It is their hope to learn this language and translate the Bible into it, to present the good news of Jesus clearly, and to leave behind a self-sustaining body of believers who can carry on the great commission into their surrounding area. 



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