Small Groups


    Our goal with the Small Groups ministry at Palos Heights CRC is to connect members of our church together beyond Sunday services and the walls of the church. We have many different types of small groups, ranging from men's and women's small groups to family and couple-based small groups.


    Men's Triads

    One of our newest small group initiatives is a Men's Triads ministry, in which small groups of 3 or 4 men meet regularly together for Bible Study and mutual accountability. A typical Triad might meet weekly or every other week at a time in the morning or evening that works well for the group members, and they might meet in homes, at church or at restaurants. Our hope with the Triad ministry is that men can form long-term relationships with other men as a way to grow in their walk with God and in their roles as leaders in the church.


    Women's Groups

    There are a couple Women's Groups that meet apart from our established Bible studies, and they are always eager to welcome new members into their fellowship! These small groups meet regularly for a time of Bible Study and fellowship in member's homes, usually in the evening, as women look to support and encourage each other to live faithfully in all aspects of their lives.


    Small Groups

    Our Small Groups are designed to build relationships and connections among all the members of our congregation. A typical small group consists of 4-5 families, couples or individuals that meet together regularly for social gatherings, Bible studies, or even times of community service. Some of the groups might be focused on young, married couples, others on families with children, and even others on intergenerational groups, but we're confident we can find a group to fit your needs!


    Contact Form

    If you'd like to sign up for or receive more information about small groups at Palos Heights CRC, please fill out the contact form below. 


    Small Groups

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