Ministry Visioning Team

Did you know that Palos Church exists to make and equip passionate followers of Jesus Christ who love all people and transform their communities for the glory of God. If you didn’t, you’re probably not alone. We suspect that many in our congregation do not know this is our mission and vision. That is a challenge that we want to address and transform.

PHCRC has an opportunity for a new beginning, led by a vision for what can be and what should be. We want to own this vision statement and then use it to move the church forward in a positive impactful way in our community.

As an example:  What if Palos Church had a vision for our children that they would be fully in love with Jesus by the time they reached 6 grade. Imagine we had a plan to get them there by discipling them every week for several hours in unique ways and places and you were called by the church to be responsible for that goal for a group of those children. Imagine the influence you could have on those children!

The Ministry Visioning Team is an ad-hoc team that serves PHCRC by identifying and establishing short to medium term strategic ministry goals (2-4 years) in each area of PHCRC’s mission and vision, identifying and developing strategies and resources needed to attain the goals.  This team will be reporting to the Executive Team.

The members of the Ministry Visioning Team are:  Alyssa VanKuiken, Erick Sytsma, Pauline Sterenberg, Adam Stob, Ruth Kelder, Bill Davids.

The team will begin their work reviewing the notes from the Family Ministry Team listening session in November and December.

Items to pray for:

Pray for the team as they begin their work.

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