Cadets Boys Club

Cadets is a fun, fast-paced group for boys in 2nd to 6th grade.  Our club has about 25-30 boys.  About half are members of the church and half are from the neighborhood.  Everyone is welcome.

The club meets in the church on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month, from 6:45 to 8:30 pm.  The structure is similar to Boy Scouts in many ways.  Counselors lead groups of five to six boys in doing merit badges, craft projects and other hands-on activities.  Cadets also go on campouts, paint-balling, and rock-climbing during the course of the year.  In addition, we strives to teach boys to follow Christ in all they do.  As part of each meeting, 15 minutes is set aside for Bible study.

Before the meetings, boys plays games.  Meetings start with prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance, our 'Landmarks' - motto, verse, code and pledge.  Then some brief announcements.  The 'cadres' of 5-6 boys and a leader or two, then move to their own spaces.  There they do the Bible study, and work on merit badges.  Popular merit badges include art, archery, axemanship, cooking, fire building and marksmanship.  There are almost 200 possible merit badges.  After the merit badge work, there's usually a short play time.  Meetings conclude with singing the cadet song and then pop and cookies.

Our club is part of the Calvinist Cadet Corps.  Take a look at that site for a much more detailed description of what we do, and some videos.  As part of a larger Corps, the boys also have an opportunity to attend special events in our Council.  For example, the annual roller skating party in Lynwood, IL.  And every 3 years, the Corps holds a Camporee.  This event brings boys over a thousand boys and men from around the world for a week of wilderness camping.

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