Mission India Opportunity


    Mission India Opportunity: Driven by the incredible opportunity to be a part of the growing church in India, the Missions Team is encouraging the Congregation to consider a gift to Mission India. Our hope is to fund a new church plant. We were informed that the cost for a new church plant is $2400.

    Here is our challenge to you: we are asking members of the Congregation to designate a gift given to the church for Mission India by June 30, 2022 to help fund the cost of at least one new church Plant ($2400). For all gifts given by a member of the church, the Missions Team will match the first $1200.

    With these gifts, our Congregation will fund the start of a new church or churches in India. Will you join in support of this great opportunity? Gifts should be earmarked for Mission India project when they are given to the church. Thank you for considering this special opportunity.

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