Pastor of Preaching, Congregational Care, and Administration

 Pastor of Preaching, Congregational Care, and Administration

Palos Heights CRC is seeking a full-time Co-Pastor of Preaching, Congregational Care, and Adminstration to work side by side with a full-time Co-Pastor of Preaching and Faith Foramtion. Together this team will provide transformational encouragement, learning, and support with a focus on growing the next generation of Christ followers. 

The Pastor of Preaching, Congregational Care, and Administration will provide and oversee pastoral care to the congregation, along with administrative leadership to the Staff and congregation.

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These are some specific expectations of both Pastors:

  • Participate actively in the life of Palos Heights CRC
  • Work together as a team, providing mutual encouragement, learning, and support to one another
  • Meet weekly to coordinate ministry, plan preaching and worship themes, and manage workload
  • Preach and lead worship
  • Teach in some capacity (either in Student Ministries or Adult Discipleship)
  • Engage in pastoral care (within each pastor’s area of responsibility)
  • Support and participate in service and outreach opportunities connecting with the community
  • Work together to create pathways for regular attenders and new believers to take next steps in faith and community membership/involvement

We at Palos Heights CRC are excited to see what God's plans for us are as we work together to: follow Jesus Christ, connect with others, serve our community, and restore all things.

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